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Firstly thank you for helping solve my previous issues.

I have managed to get my roms set up and customized my theme. However I have some issues/questions

1 - Some of my roms haven't scanned correctly. They have not appeared or were in the wrong system. I used the option to add the folders and did manual scans but they are still not being picked up by Dig. For example my Sega CD game double switch went into the Saturn system. I removed it from saturn, added the folder to the sega cd and then selected to rescan folders. The status icon told me that it was searching folders but then when it finished the game was not added.

2 - How do I autoload spectrum games? I'm using Spectacol. I can load the game directly in the emulator but in Dig it just opens Spectacol without a game.

3 - Is there a way to pause the covers download so I can do a backup. When I try to back up it says I have to wait for activity to finish. Currently have 38029 images to check

4 - Do image files have to be png? I have cover images already for my spectrum roms but they are all jpg

5 - Now I have all my roms scanned is it best to turn off the auto scanning function and just use the manual scan now (assuming on solution to question 1)? If I do that will Dig still show all the roms even when I remove the hdd?


  • Question 1 resolved itself after I restarted dig

  • 2 I don't think I was able to get Spectacol to do that. I added it because someone asked for it.

    3 Turning off "Download cover images automatically" should do it.

    4 They need to be named ".png" but they can actually be jpg or other types of image files. If you use the import option they will be renamed automatically.

    5 Even with automatic scanning off you should only see games on connected storage devices.

  • Thanks for the answers.

    I'm all up and running now.

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