Using 32 bit RetroArch on 64 bit devices

The Play Store version of RetroArch now uses 64 bit cores on 64 bit devices. If you want to use certain 32 bit cores (for example for their dynamic recompilation ability) follow these steps.

  • Install the 32 bit build from
  • Open 32 bit RetroArch and download all the cores you need
  • Set up your desired RetroArch settings
  • Install the latest Dig beta
  • Select "32 bit RetroArch" in the "Manage system" menu of systems for which you want to use it

You do not need to edit any emulator entries.


  • And the speed at which you were able to make the change was incredible.

    Thank you for being so quick!!!

  • Hi, I followed these steps to get my old configuration back, with the latest MAME cores (which are not available in 64 bits), but I cannot find the beta dowload for Dig... :/

    Can you tell me where to download it, so I can sideload it too ?

    I am currently running Gplay Dig 1.37 on an Nvidia Shield with v1.7.8 32 bit RetroArch sideloaded, but my Dig does not find it and does not offer the 32 bit RetroArch option.

  • Oh, forgot to mention : the link "join the beta" does not appear on my version of the Gplay Dig page, and I could not find the apk anywhere else...

  • I have installed Dig v 1.37 from Playstore. I have setup 60 platforms with Retroarch 1.7.7. I made the mistake to update Retroarch to 1.7.8. Now I try to follow your instructions to revert back to 32bit version. Where is the the latest Dig beta ?

  • Ok I found it. I hit the button "join the Beta" in Google Play Dig page and I am waiting now..

  • Ok now back again with my setup !!!! You are great !

  • Tête tes tes set tes te set wesب بمث يم يمي ب

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