How do I use Magic DosBox?

First, Magic DosBox's settings location must be public - you can do this in the Welcome settings. Then for games to be recognized by Dig they must first be loaded into MDB. Finally you must manually add the folder ".MagicBox"

You will likely end up with duplicate games entries - one entry for the file location and one for the MDB entry. You can ignore or delete the paths of the file entries.


  • Done that, still doesn't work. Can you help me with that?

  • I'm suspecting that the current version of Magic DosBox may be incompatible with DIG. I can get, not all, but enough games working in Magic DosBox, but nothing shows up in DIG for me, with all the specific folders added. I second the request for anyone to help if anyone currently has it working.

  • Cancel mine. For whatever reason I had stupidly had DOS set up as hidden in DIG - un-hiding it is causing the games to show.

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