Problem with some of n64 games

Hello. I have trouble with some of n64 games, when i start it from DIG.

At first - when i start that n64 games from RetroArch with same core natively, they working good, all keys usable etc... But when i start some of this games from DIG using some retroarch core -games starting, but joystick keys dont working at all, and games after some time start to show demo or history mode (for example not working normaly Yoshi Stories, dr. mario and many others). But some games, like Mario Kart - working absolutely good, when started from DIG with same retroarch emulator for all N64 system..

How to solve this?


  • Try "Reset RetroArch config" under App options.

  • No, that way didnt work, but i found way to solve this problem - at early start of gliching game need to press "open menu" hotkey,that binded before in retroarch, and go to Settings-- Latency-- Poll Type Behavior -- set Early! And game after that starting normaly.

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