How to use and add Retroarch Dosbox Core games?

I dont actually could not find out yet how Dig to tecognize and start my ganes thru Retroarch Fosbox Core. I have like i guess everbody a doebox.conf file for every dos game.

I have one folder with the games and one folder with the one dosbox.conf files for every game.

When using Retroach, I run the games by opening the dosbox.conf files which will load the setting and start the game thru the core.

So for my understanding to add the games in dig i should scan the folders with the dosbox.conf files but if I do so, the games not getting recognized or added.

When I scan the games folder every single exe bat com file in those folders will be added and I end up with a lot of double entries plus when i start the game i always have to select the file to run from the list again and again and my dosbox.conf are not getting loaded.

Is there a way to get Dig to recognize and add the conf files for the games? How was you intention to use the retroarch core option?


  • Could you please make *.CONF files for Dos and *.scummvm executable to be able discovered from the scraper? Would make the emulation with Retroarch Cores much more easier or at least give us a field to tell inside the emulator options which extension to discover.

  • The latest beta version I uploaded today should support .conf and .scummvm files. Let me know if there are any problems.

  • I use a conf-file to mout cd drives and start exe bat etc in liberto dosbox.

    It is a bit mixed, because the emulationspeed, and some otherthings are managed in retroarch and saved in an opt-file.

    Im still not sure what commands in the conf file for the original doxbox are overwritten by the opt-file or even taken by the modified dosbox core.

    I just try out.

  • Can you make a tutorial for this?

  • Could someone please post a tutorial on how to get the DOSBox Pure Core for Retroarch working in DIG?

  • Hi, I'm trying to set up DOSbox Pure in Dig and will be great if it supported .dosz extension, in order to autodetect DOS games. I'm a bit lost in order to make this work for this system.

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