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Design based off the Nintendo Wii interface. All elements built my myself from scratch to keep theme consistent. Will be adding more system icons in time if people like it, just leave requests in the comments.

Changelog v1.1

  • Added Home button for Toolbar
  • Fixed Toolbar for all pages
  • Added default covers for a few systems
  • Fixed Background for Game Info page

Submitted by Huntzman - kurtis.black@mail.com

Download - 30.3MB




  • This is a very cool topic, I admire your imagination, are you a web designer? This is a new level, like a real console, a masterpiece. Drop another set of collection icons in the first screenshot (collection + genres), please.

  • Wow. This is magnificent. Definitely the most polished and professional looking theme I've seen shared here yet.

  • I agree. Wow.

    Built from scratch? Excellent job Huntzman 🖕

    Request: System icons for 3DO,Lynx,PSP,32x,SegaCD,Dreamcast,Gamegear and MasterSystem.

    Was also gonna say default game icons for those too but dont really those.

    Again. Truly excellent.

  • Thank you guys, much appreciated! I definitely want to expand this one more so I'll start with these additions.

    Let me know if you want anything else adding

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    Now this is nice.

    Very clean looking theme which is what i like.

    I never would have thought of this since i don't like the wii menu but it works very well as a DIG theme.

    Here is the Australian dance of appreciation:

  • Please share the PSD icon template, (first screenshot). I want to create my own covers for each game, exclusively for myself.

  • I'll package up the ones I made as well as a template when I get home from work and post it so you guys can make some of your own too. I will be making quite a lot of these anyway so if you want me to do any collection images then feel free to request some :)

  • Beautifullllll

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    very good, best dig theme so far

  • Awesome theme, well done👍🎮🕹

  • Nice work. WOuld you care sharing the channel template to be able to create a few more channels? I am missing Amiga, ScummVm and C64 Channels.

  • Great theme,

    Would be perfect if I could get system images for the following

    Amstrad CPC


    Atari Lynx

    Atari ST


    Commadore 64


    Game & Watch


    NeoGeo Pocket

    Nintendo Gamecube

    Nintendo Wii

    PC Engine

    Sony PSP


    Sega 32X

    Sega Saturn

    Sega Gamegear

    Sega mastersystem

    Sega SG-1000

    ZX Spectrum

    Super Grafx


  • If you can make it for sure will be more beautiful. I am not really good in this design thin. Just made one for C64, Amiga and ScummVm without the template. Still need Gamecube, PSP and Wii.

  • Please add Mega Drive,

    Pc Engine, Famicom, since I had famicom and mega drive in my childhood, these consoles are closer to me🙂

  • MegaDrive is already included but under North American Genesis name and should show your MegaDrive games with that icon.

    Famicom is also there but with NES icon

    And so is PC Engine but with TurboGrafx icon.

    If you have roms for these systems they should show for them,

    It does for me

    Unless you mean you just want diff images relevant to your region.

  • Great theme, best so far. Could you please tell me what to name the folder so I could add my own .png images for game collections. Cheers.

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    Fantastic theme. Not sure if there's any way to address this on your end, but on the Galaxy S9, which has a wider aspect ratio, the background is cropped at the top and bottom...

  • I tried to make a system image for PSP.

    I made two versions. It's not perfect but if someone want to use them, here they are:

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    A new version:

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    Nice ones. Yours looks better than mine. I also made a some new ones but I am really bad in this. Trying my best :-)

    Also I did a lil Remix of this theme. Here is a video. I love Hutnzmans theme but it was a lil to plain and clean for my opinion. I also think this play button is so ugly I had to cover it up.

    If someone is interested just let me know.

    Riivive - Huntzman Remix Theme:

  • Love the remix. Was wondering how you got the system icons to scroll across the bar with the videos playing in the background. I'm working on a theme and I want to be able to do exactly that but can't figure out how.

  • thank you for you hard work.

  • If I've missed any systems that anybody wants an icon for, just let me know and I'll try and make something.

  • Some regional alternatives.

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