Good afternoon everyone, does anyone in the forum have any more advanced programming knowledge? I was seeing some themes of batocera on the internet, I found some very good themes. But I see some of these complicated themes to import into dig. I see that dig has some limitations. I just wanted to know .... Is it possible to modify the way system backgrounds are displayed? Like sliding them in a linear motion like the system icons, can any programming code do that? Another thing I found limited, the vertical icons in dig don't make background changes like the horizontal icons. Would anyone have any xml file to solve this?


  • I'll think about the sliding backgrounds. Let me know about any another features you'd like to have.

    As for the vertical view changing backgrounds, it seems to work for me. Can you send me an example theme where it doesn't work?

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    Well I was seeing some themes here, when you switch to vertical icons there is no transition of backgrounds, like vertical and horizontal zodian themes. And some of the things I found interesting for the app, such as the upright wheel icons in the corners, similar to hyperspin .or the incorporation of the game description into the blackground itself. Similar to the multiplayer system. In linear form icons, the icon in the center could stand out from the others. Getting bigger and more visible compared to the others. The implementation of one icon system in sequence, one after the other would be interesting. thanks for listening to the opinions of forum subscribers

    icon in the outstanding selection of the other

    sequential icon systems

    icons wheel vertical corners

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