SephX2K4: Mirror's Edge Theme (Updated 2019/8/9)

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My Mirror's Edge Theme complete with all system icons.

Submitted by SephirothX2004

High Resolution - 187MB

Low Resolution - 43.7MB


  • Credit for the vid goes to "Live Wallpaper Master"

  • Havent tested yet but very nice you submitted two versions.

    Large Hi-res and smaller one.

    Can I ask,did you submit the high res one via email attachment? Surely not?

    I have one in the works but even the smaller one is approx 350MB.

  • Not over email, I uploaded them to MediaFire and gave Dig Developer download links.

  • edited August 2

    Missing the foreground arrow game display Indicater as foreground images don't seem to get "bundled".

    I will post it here for people to download soon as I am at work right now.

  • The foreground arrow indicator for the theme.

    Just go into options and edit the theme game display to show this as the foreground image.

  • Just a heads up that this theme has been updated.

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