What does the Digger voice assistant do?

Digger can search your database for games by systems, system types, genres, release dates, publishers, or any combination of the above with simple voice commands. These are some examples of the kinds of things you can tell it:

"Atari 2600"

"Show me Game Boy fighting games"

"Star Wars on handheld devices released between 92 and 2002 sorted by date"

"Computer games by Ocean"

You can incrementally refine searches with successive requests, for example:



"Before 2000"

"Sort by rating"

If you are in a game list when you do a Digger search, the search parameters will replace or be added to those of the current list - the above incremental search is an example of this. To do a fresh search add "All" to your search, or search from a non-game-list page. For example saying "All racing" in the above example will show all your racing games, not just the ones on consoles.

The following are the text patterns Digger recognizes. Items in square brackets are optional. Items separated by '|' means one of the items may optionally be present if in square brackets, or should be present if in round brackets.

[Show [me]] [all|go to] [GENERATION] (GENRE|SEARCHTEXT) [games] on [the] (SYSTEM|TYPE) [PUBLISHER] [DATE] [SORT] 




GENERATION = (second...eighth) generation

SYSTEM = <system name>

GENRE = <genre name>

TYPE = (console[s]|handheld[s]|computer[s]|arcade)

SEARCHTEXT = <arbitrary title search text>

PUBLISHER = [released|published|developed|made] (by|from) <publisher name>

DATE = [released|published] (after [YY]YY | before [YY]YY | (in|from) ]YY]YY | (between|from) [YY]YY (and|to) [YY]YY] )

SORT = (sort[ed]|order[ed]) by (title|date|last played|my most played|my time played|my rating|most played|time played|rating|played)

In addition Digger recognizes these commands:

(home|systems|genres|favorite[s] [games]|played games|all games|options|settings|help|frequently asked questions|edit theme) 

"Edit theme" edits the current theme if it is a custom one.


  • The Digger voice assistant is a game-changer for sports enthusiasts! It provides real-time updates, stats, and even live commentary for various events, including the 2023 world cup team list. With its seamless integration, following your favorite teams and matches has never been easier.

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