Where did my games go? +

I've spent ages getting my folders scanned and still downloading the images. I went out and when I've come home put Dig on and some of the systems and roms that were previously listed have vanished.

How do I stop multi disks and also CD soundtrack files being treated as seperate roms? Is this available on the full version.

Is there anyway you could incorporate the gamebase 64 database so that I can use the gamebase collection and screenshots? The problem with c64 roms is a lot of them have the same name so it's hard for scraping. Being able to just import everything from gamebase would make life much easier. It's a bit like the Mame romsets in way.

I'm probably going to buy the premium version. Was looking to see if for my needs its better to just unlock the features I need but I think it's worth getting them all. Depends on what happened to my listed systems and roms because I dont want to have to scan everyday


  • I have the full version of DIG and a beta user and sometimes some of my systems seem to vanish all of a sudden randomly too now and then.

    To make them reappear i activate "All systems" and go into the vanished system i want and then go back out to the main menu and that seems to put it back again.

    I don't know if its a DIG problem or could even be a micro SD card problem, either way it is very annoying to open up DIG and suddenly there's systems missing.

  • Thanks for the tip. They did come back. Not straight away i was trying to res an the games but they wouldnt return. Then I went in one if the empty systems and all the games were listed. I checked the others and they were back too.

  • Off hand I don't know why this would happen. I'll look into it.

  • I'll look into the disappearing games problem, and gamebase.

    Mergerd game sets is premium feature but you can pick it as one of your free ones.

  • Thanks. I've already picked my free features but I think dig is worth the small amount of money you ask for it so I'll be getting premium in a few days (on pay day).

    I'm using it on my new TV and it's great. I'd have paid for premium already if I didnt have to buy a new car this month

  • Could the disappearing games be because auto scan is on? If I turn this off will it just remember the game list from that time I used it?

  • No this didn't work

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