How do I add background images/videos/sounds?

First create or edit a custom theme from the “Edit custom themes” option. For background images and videos select “File” to show or play a single file, or “Folder” to show or play a folder of files in random order. The folder may contain images or videos or both. 

Setting sound files is similar. 

The background is actually two layers: the images/video layer with the background color layer on top. So to see the media you need to set the backround color to be at least partially transparent. To do this adjust the horizontal slider control in the background color picker. All the way to left the background color will be totally opaque, to the right totally transparent, and in between the background will be a mixture of the two layers.



  • Hi dear developer! How are you? I'm trying the new per system background feature, but I'm facing difficult to do this... I created a folder with the systems desired BG, defined the path on the settings menu, but the only BG showed is the one I've defined on the "Background Images and Videos" box. Am I doing something wrong? This is how I configured:

    And this is my backgrounds folder:

  • NVM... Today I've browsing between systems and the image changed between NES and other systems... For custom collections, like SNES Classic Mini, what's the name for the BG file?

  • NVM again... I read another post that you've said that the BG should be named as the system icons folder, and when I've got into this folder the custom collections were named as custom1 and custom2. Before renaming the BGs as the icons, everything was corrected.

  • Can you have a background video for each system? And how is done? Thanks for the help

  • Can you use videos/music for individual games or just systems

  • Yes you can but as far as I'm aware the only way to do it currently is to have a folder setup with all the videos in it named as they are in the dig default folder e.g. MD.mp4 for mega drive, N64.mp4 for Nintendo 64 etc. Then in the theme edit screen, point the system backgrounds to the folder you've setup.

  • Thanks for replying I was hoping that you could set system video for each system so when you pick playstation system the playstation video will play in background while you browse for a game. I guess is not possible on this front end. Hopefully soon. Thanks again

  • Not for games but Yeah,you can add videos for each system.

    But as the backgrounds,not as the icons ofcourse if that what you mean,

    Check my theme here for eg:

    You might have to have the beta installed though for it to work for you.

  • What I meant is when I pick sega Saturn for example I want the Sega Saturn video to play in background. If I pick psp I want the psp video in the background. How can I do that I have try many ways and I can't get it to work. Thanks again brother

  • That's what I need how you add the videos for each system? Thanks for your patience

  • So you do mean like in my theme?

    You add them the same way you add icons when making a theme.

    These are background videos.

    So,have your video backgrounds correctly named for each system as Dig names them.

    Put them all in one folder.

    Go to your theme you are making,select the drop down menu and scroll down and select systems.

    Now scroll down to the option that says System backgrounds folder.Default will say none so select the drop down arrow and select folder and then locate you video folder.

    Then make sure to select save at the bottom.

    Its takes some experimenting,trial and error.

  • You lost me when I go to theme in options only thing I could choose is either select theme,edit theme, browse theme, install theme and media storage. Don't say anything about pick system background. I'm doing this on android nvidia shield maybe yours Is a pc because I don't see anything like you said.

  • You can set a different background video for every system when you are in the system menu (first screen where you select your system).

    When you enter the the games menu (the menu where you select your game of a system) you can also run another background video but not a different for every game. Just one for the whole sub menu.

    I did one theme remix like this. The link is below. Actually the videos are almost the same from the system and games menu except the bar in the middle is bigger but you could easily also add a completly different video.

  • My friend i don't get it. I went ho the menu like you said where you pick the games and i have no clue what you mean. You should do a tutorial on this and sure others will definitely appreciate it. Is easy for you but for others is not that easy. I have try following what you said. But saying and seen it is totally different. I rather see it so I could learn it. Love your front end but need for sure a tutorial on this small things that others are not doing. Thanks again

  • Maybe that is an option that I need to purchase on this front end maybe that's why I don't see what you are talking about

  • edited August 2019

    I did not say there is an option in the menu. I actually did this by editing the theme config file and adding those lines by hand. Tell me which theme you are using and I will do a fast tutorial to show you how to do so.

  • I'm trying to go dreamcast and sega Saturn

  • All I know is that I used the edit theme in the menu. Is there is something else I have no clue. This is why I need the help

  • Edit theme yes,then continue to what I mentioned.

    Did you apply to join the beta program?

    Have you got the beta version installed?

    Not just the reg public version.

  • No I did not know there was a beta program. Sorry

  • Where can I download the beta?

  • I do have the latest version . But still nothing you mentioned is there. This is giving me a headache, lol omg

  • My friend I did it. Thanks for your help is very,very nice. God bless thanks again sorry for bothering you to much.

  • We need a video tutorial on how to build a theme and insert videos and images for each system

  • Anyone still on this board? I would just like to know if there is a way to change the duration of time the screenshot/cover is displayed inside the game information window. I swear I've changed the time from 3500ms to 10000ms and saved that change and nothing has changed. It displays the screenshot for 3.5 secs and then the cover for 3.5 secs, rinse and repeat.

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