DIG not launching GBC.EMU roms

After updating I cannot launch GB or GBC games on GBC.EMU from DIG. When starting a game, DIG is now opening GBC.EMU's main menu instead of launching the games, so you have to browse the Rom's list within the emulator, defeating the purpose of using DIG :(


  • Do have the free or pay version of GBC.EMU?

  • Payed version! also I just noticed that the problem happens in my phone (Galaxy note 4) but not on my tablet, and I updated dig in both of them. It is not happening with GB.EMU for original Gameboy games so, weird quirk.

  • Has this still not been fixed?? I'm trying to run games with gbc.emu and it just goes to the main menu without starting the game? I payed for dig premium and would like to be able to use dig with my other payed emulators.

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