Sega Naomi problems.

Hi guys, I'm hoping someone here can help me because I'm really struggling to get Naomi/atomiswave games working.

The problem I have is that dig offers me two emulator options 1. Retroarch (reicast) and 2. Retroarch (MAME).

When I select Reicast, Retroarch asks me to download the Reicast core but I can't see the core in the list to download it. I think it may have been recently replaced by the flycast core which dig doesn't seem to support yet.

If I select MAME, it looks like it is loading the rom but then goes to a black screen and then back to dig. I suspect either the ROMs I have aren't the correct ones. (I know where to find them, just no idea how to tell which ones contain the correct files MAME needs, if they need to be zipped or not etc) or I haven't put the appropriate BIOS files in the appropriate directory. I have both atomiswave and Dreamcast bioses in the retroarch system folder but again I don't know if this is the right place for them. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.


  • Hi. I'm not an expert at all but for what I've seen MAME roms can be tricky.

    There are a lot of MAME versions and you need the roms for that version.

    In retroarch load the core you want and then go to the core information. There you can see the MAME version it runs.

    What I did for not messing with all different cores is to download only MAME 2003 that runs version 0.78 and then look for MAME roms for that version.

    I hope this helps you.

  • I've PM'd @Dig about this matter in hopes he will be able to find the time to quickly update the code to point from Reicast to Flycast for folks who just recently installed Retroarch or was silly enough to delete the Reicast core.

    That said, you will have to launch your games within Retroarch using the Flycast core for the time being @chalotron until the developer makes the necessary updates for DIG in order to detect the new Flycast core instead. It's probably a API change and should be fairly easy to implement.

    On a side note, you are able to launch your Reicast games without too much trouble no?

  • I never had the Reicast core setup in Retroarch although I do remember having seen the core for download there.

    A while back I was using native Reicast for my Dreamcast stuff until I discovered Redream, which was for me at least was such a massive improvement over Reicast that I subsequently deleted it. It was only when I came to try and get my Naomi and atomiswave stuff setup recently that I realised that was probably a mistake.

    Here's hoping @dig finds the time to fix it

  • Same.

    For now, to launch Dreamcast games via DiG, go update the RetroArch core listed as to in the Edit Emulators section.

    Here's hoping this gets fixed in the next release @Dig

  • First off love thos app! But it seems retroarch has switched over to flycast for dreamcast and sega naomi and i can no longer launch those games wothin dig itself is there a way to fix this?

  • I literally told the previous user how to fix this...

  • Have you ever managed to get atomiswave games running? They've got to be in a specific format and have a .lst file too or some such nonsense. I've never managed to get them running on Android.

  • I've not had Naomi or atomiswave games working yet but I've seen videos on YouTube of people who have.

  • I've pretty much gotten all my Naomi/Atomiswave games to work without fail... Which ones are you trying to run that are not working at the moment?

  • I'm not sure I've got everything setup correctly but I've tried 18 wheeler and marvel Vs capcom 2 from Naomi and dolphin blue/fist of the North Star on atomiswave. Dig recognises them fine but they don't load.

  • Well do they load via RetroArch? I assume that is the program you use to load your games currently. I expect they are running fine there correct?

    If so, refer to my response back on the 15th of July. That should take care of your current woes.

  • Finally figured out what I was doing wrong. I needed specific ROMs which weren't easy to acquire and my Naomi/atomiswave bios's needed to be to be in Retroarch/system/DC folder instead of just in the system folder. Atomiswave games are working great now natively through retroarch.

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