How do I add missing game covers?

Long-touching a game image will provide options for looking for an appropriate cover image. 

If you have a folder of images from another source you can import them into Dig from the “Manage system” menu.


  • What is this option actually doing?

    I've a folder in my sd card with a bunch of covers. I imported them and now?

    I still need to long-touch a game image and select them from my sd card.

    I think I'm missing something here.

  • You need to update one by one. For example, I've a SNES Super Street Fighter 2 with fixed colors and a custom boxart for it.

    First, long press on the game that has no boxart

    Select the first option (boxart image)

    Select "Your device"

    Find the image on your device

    Confirm it

    That's done

  • is there any way to do this from the pc? it would be really helpfull to be able to recover our scraped data from emulationstation from Pc to use it in dig.

  • I dumped all of my cover images per system at one time. On PC, go to phone/android/data/com.digdroid.alman.dig/files/covers/whatever system you want, then drag and drop your covers for that system making sure to overwrite any covers already there. As long as the name of your png is exactly the name of it's corresponding rom, you should be good. From my experience Dig will use the new images the next time you open it.

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