Support for Zipped cd images query?

Hi, I was wondering which cd based systems support the files being zipped and if they files contained in the zip have to be in a specific format? So far I've tried zipped up Dreamcast .CDI files, GameCube .iso files and sega cd .bin/.cue files and have had no success getting any of the zipped up files to work.


  • Is the problem that Dig doesn't recognize them, or that it doesn't unzip and launch them?

    It should work for any CD based system, and the contents don't don't need to be in any particular format. The only thing I can think of is there might be not be enough space for the unzipped files, but you should get a message about that.

  • Thanks for getting back to me. Dig recognises them all no problem and when I select them a progress bar appears that says "copying null" but once the bar has completed, nothing happens after that. It simply remains on the game info screen. There is approximately 8 gigs of space free on my SD card.

  • It definitely should not say "Copying null" so there is a bug. I haven't been able to reproduce it or deduce what might cause it. Can you make one these zip files available for me to download?

  • I just had an idea and just tried one of the zipped images running off my phone internal memory instead of my SD card and it extracted and ran perfectly. So it could be there's something wrong with my SD card or maybe dig is trying to write to the SD card and can't for some reason. I've checked my app permissions and dig has storage access though.

  • Just to update. It seems the issue was definitely with my SD card. I've reformatted it and everything is working great now.

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