Version 1.36 released

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What's new

  • Download and install themes from the forum
  • Many new theme options
  • New premium feature model
  • Many other improvements, tweaks, and fixes

See previous announcements for more details.

If your request hasn't been implemented yet it's probably still on my to do list, but it couldn't hurt to send me a reminder.


  • Great news!!! I've a request for you: could you make an option on Cover Flow view to choose between images bending (like aways) and a new mode were the images just rolls without bending? Something like the standard behavior of Grid View, but on a single row? Other thing I'm facing: on the list view, the games icons size could be changed, but on systems view not. Could you fix the systems view to being resizable?

  • Horizontal and vertical plain linear views will be one of the first things i do next. I'll be taking a few days off from Dig though except for fixing any issues that turn up.

  • Having trouble with trying to unlock the premium features in the latest release. With the new pay model introduced with the latest release, I saw that free users are now limited to 3 bonus features, and have to pay to unlock more. This is fine - my problem is trying to actually unlock/pay for them in the app!

    I must be blind as a bat but I can't find a standalone 'Upgrade' option anywhere in the app - I've searched everywhere I'd expect to see this option, but have found nothing. The only way I've been able to trigger anything is to select another feature, where I get the pop up to 'Unlock All' or 'Unlock 2'. Problem is, clicking unlock all appears to do nothing but close the pop up, and clicking unlock 2 allows you to open a new window and select to options, but then nothing happens?! So confused - is this a bug or am I doing something wrong here?

  • It sounds like there's some problem starting or connecting to the billing service. What kind of device and what version of Android do you have? Is your device rooted?

  • DigDig
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    I just uploaded a new beta that that displays a message when there's a problem connecting to the billing service. Can you install it, and if you get the message let me know the error code it gives?

  • I'm running Android 4.2.2 (Jellybean) on a JXD S5800 (MT6582 chipset). Device is not rooted - I've just installed the latest beta and I'm still seeing the same issue, and no error code is being displayed when attempting to unlock premium features

  • ... I can also confirm that I can connect to billing services in other apps ok - it appears that DIG is the only one that doesn't seem to want to connect to anything

  • I uploaded another new beta with more error checking. I promise to resolve this one way or another.

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    Previously I had the same problem as above (Android 8.1), with the new beta it states Billing Service Error #5

  • Thanks so much for your help so far - I am now seeing “Billing service error #5” after downloading the latest beta

  • On a GPD XD+, with the latest version of DIG, items are not highlighted when moving around using the hardware controller, so it's not possible to tell what item is going to be selected when pressing the action button.

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