Beta version 1.35.9 released - New premium feature model

The new premium feature model as discussed in a previous announcement is now in effect. Here's how it works:

First of all if you have already upgraded to premium you will not be affected in any way. All current and future features are unlocked.

If you have not upgraded you will be able to choose any 3 features for free. You will be asked to choose when you use a premium feature. After you choose your free features, the next time you use a premium feature you have a choice to unlock all features for approx. US $4, or unlock 2 additional features for $1, or neither. When you've bought 10 features all remaining features will be unlocked. The option to unlock all for $4 will be unavailable once you've bought additional features.

I was planning to offer features individually for 50 cents but Google won't let me price anything less than $1.

Here's the list of current premium features:

Voice search, Widgets, Game image search, Merged game sets, Setting game genres, System types and generations, Cloned systems, Editing game info, Game notes, Gamepad bindings, Collections, Kiosk mode, Random selection, Ignore files


  • I'm stupid enough that I do not understand where I can download the beta version? it would be nice to try it when it works well on time.

  • Search Dig on the playstore.

    Scroll down a bit to where it says Join the beta and select Join.

    Usually it only takes a minute or two.

    Then you will be able to download the newest beta versions as the dev releases them.

    Keep in mind any beta may not work 100% properly or be buggy..hence why its a beta.

    You can then give private feedback on the app listing in the store and/or do what many others of us here do,come here to report any probs.

  • One bug I found with the new beta is, when you change a system's image to something new, the image won't show until you restart Dig. You also can't change two or more images at the same time as only the first will be kept, but updated with the last image you used.

    I use this theme:

    and added missing icons from here:

  • I just checked that and had no such problem.

    I selected the default white theme,manually changed system icons with no issues,they changed straight away.I changed four in a row,no probs.

  • Just tried using the blue/cover theme and it works as intended, but switching back to the theme, and changing the icons, it doesn't work as intended, i gives the problems as I described above.

  • Dev has release new update but Tested,theres still something going on yeah.

    I tried changing manually and there was actually no image for me showing,went back to dig menu,then check systems and an older icon was on one of the systems.

    Not sure whats going on.

  • OK.

    Just downloaded the RC2 update.

    Didnt seem to have any of the above issue.

    How about you telanus?

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