Will DIg be able to launch Gamecube/Wii games with the Dolphin Mmj emulator?

I am running on Nvida shield tv, I launch a Gamecube/Wii game and it forwards me to the Dolphin MMJ emulator itself where I have to reselect the game through the Emulator menu, is there anyway to change it so the games launch directly from DIG?


  • For a while auto-start was causing Dolphin MMJ to crash so I disabled it. But it looks like they fixed it so it will be back in the next update. Or you can do it yourself now by calling up the 'Edit emulators' dialog, select Dolphin MMJ (or DMMJ alt) and entering 'AutoStartFile' as the 'File path key'.

  • This can be done and would work for any emulator wouldnt it?

    Entering ;AutoStarFile' as 'File path key'.


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