How do I add games & systems that weren’t found?

Go to “SYSTEMS” from the main page. If you don’t see the missing system or system with missing games select “All systems” from the menu at the top right. Select the system, then select “Manage system” in the menu , then “ROM paths...”. Add the folder or folders with the missing games.


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    I created a folder for Neo Geo games and added it as a ROM path for that system. DIG detects all games I put in it except SVC Chaos (, from a FBA set). I've tried re-scanning for games in that folder, but the problem persists. The game loads as intended directly through RetroArch, so I'm assuming the ROM is fine.

    Could you help me get DIG to recognise SVC Chaos?

    Unrelatedly, I can get DIG to recognise AM2R as a game, but whenever I try to run it, it just takes me back to DIG's menu. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks.

  • SVC Chaos is appearing only in Arcade system, not the Neo Geo system. I couldn't manage to change it.

  • I'm willing to bet that that has something to do with AES and MVS.

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