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Just a nice clean theme for those that like it simple.

Submitted by chalotron - chalotron79@gmail.com

Download - 274MB



  • This one I quite like as Im more drawn to more straight forward and simpler styles,doesnt need to be fancy to look great.

    As I said in my other comment in your other theme we all try to keep theme file size as small as we can right? Makes sense.

    This one being 273MB is also quite large.

    I noticed the system icon folder is 153MB and the system backgrounds folder 105MB.

    And the pics inside are quite large.

    Perhaps resizing them to smaller and lower res would defo make theme smaller in size and I think still look good and shouldnt lose any detail.

    But defo a big plus on including all 84 icons and backgrounds just as the deault Dig has.

    I think none of us that have submitted themes have done that yet,we usually just add the most popular ones.

    So a big plus for that.

    Again,not being an arsehole lol...just suggestions that could help all of us in keepig theme file sizes down.

  • I should note that very large images are scaled down internally to consume less memory so users aren't necessarily getting the resolution of the original anyway. This is not a complaint either, I'm happy to host anything people send me.

  • Absolutely happy for the feedback, I'm a bit of a HD snob so it was an intentional move on my part to use the highest quality images I could find so it would look as crisp as possible on a big screen.

    Once I've finished the theme I'm working on, (it's gonna be much more reasonable file size this time) I'm gonna go back to this one and see how small I can get all the file sizes without compromising the quality too much and reupload a more compact version here.

    Gonna leave the full fat version here too for anybody who wants it.

  • Actually maybe thats a good idea too.

    Full size theme,or extended..and maybe a cut down 'lite' version.

    Perhaps using lower res images or short vid/music etc.

    Cause I also have an idea in future for adding vids to each system,(once the dev hopefully adds this feature) but as you can imagine adding a video to say 20,30,40 or 50 etc systems could take a up a lot of space. So maybe have a full extended theme that might be fine for some people,others may not want that and would like the theme,but in smaller size,so then you could re-encode the vid from 1080P to say 720P or even maybe 480P and also shorten them.

    Course that sorta thing you would have to test and see how it would look.

    What looks good on small screen,will prob not look quite as good on a larger screen.

  • How does one download theme? just keeps saying exceeded traffic

  • From the dev.

    Apparently there has been a sudden surge of new Dig users (welcome everyone!) and as a result I have exceeded the download quota for where themes are hosted. I will look into solutions. Themes are a free feature so you don't need to upgrade to premium, and you don't need to become a forum member.

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