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Bit of Frankenstein's monster of a theme, made to my own specifications. I've taken bits I like from other themes, made many of my own custom system icons and backgrounds and lifted others from multiple sources online. Hope you like it.

Submitted by Chalotron -

Download - 320MB


  • Here's some screenshots for it.

  • Not bad.

    Just one thing on this one.

    Ofcourse we all try to keep a theme file size as small as possible,so this being 320MB is quite large.

    Now I know some things cant be helped,depending on whats added but,I noticed the video background itself is 247MB at 1080P res almost 4 mins long.

    Perhaps you could have shortened the vid,and/or re-encoded the video to maybe 720P.

    Im sure it would look as good.

    Perhaps you didnt want to shorten the vid so as to show and hear all of it but you also gotta think how long someone will spend on the system/games screens before they play a game. Will they see a 4 min vid?

    Know what I mean?

    Not trying to be an arsehole lol...just suggestions is all 😊

    But the theme like I said,not bad at all.

  • The video was one of the things I sourced from a different theme so I can't take credit for it's creation I'm afraid, a Reddit user in the Android emulation subreddit shared it. I kinda knew it might be a bit big for some people but I've never played around with downsampling/editing videos and I liked how sweet it looked on my big TV.

    I'm not precious about it though so if someone wants to re-up it with a smaller video size/alternate video then they absolutely have my blessing.

  • Here's an similar alternative video shared on the same Reddit thread that was in my shortlist to use for my main background. It's about half the size clocking in around a minute and a half long.

  • Oh,any theme I make I cant take full credit for either.

    I mean pics,vids,sound etc I source from other sites, basically.

    So when I make and submit a theme Ill try and give credits.

    Im crap at graphic design so cant really design icons or backgrounds myself so anything I add in a theme are ones Ive found and used,or..Ill modify them. But as for creating them myself...I wish I could.

  • Love this theme,looks great on the tv running through my shield well done and thanks

  • I recognise some of this from a post of mine on reddit (I made the vid and sourced the system logos)!

    Glad to see it has been put to good use in the community.

    Like the other bits you added.

    Some nice touches in there.

  • Thanks for getting me started, it was because of the assets you'd kindly shared that made me realise just how customisable dig actually is. I was pretty much running it in vanilla mode until then.

  • No problem.

    I'm working on another theme with some new backgrounds I'm spliced from vids and gifs.

    Interested to see how it goes down.

  • Animated gifs wont work.

    At least not when I tried them a while back.Its possible the newest version of Dig may support animated gif,not sure. Test and see.

  • edited July 2019

    Mp4s definitely work since the last update as I have a theme setup using them for system backgrounds. It's about 1 gig in size though so I'm not sure if it's really sharable here. Gonna look into reducing the video quality first maybe.

  • Yeah I know they do.I use them.

    However I dont think animated gifs do.

    And yeah,Ive been testing using vids as system backgrounds too.

    Orignal vids are 1080P so would make the theme Im making almost 1GB.

    However Ive also re-encoded the vids to 480P which brang it down to 350MB.And 480P still looks decent.

    Still its a large size overall.

  • edited November 2019

    I love tour theme. I'm making a similar one, but with enphasys on the top gear game for the snes.

    Anyway I can know the music played with the video?

  • 스킨이 심플 합니다 good!

  • I believe the tune is called 66 mhz by Waveshaper.

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