Arkade 720

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Modern Cover Flow Theme. Every element designed and built from the ground up. Originally intended just for personal use so only has the systems I use myself, however more will be added if people like it.

Also, if people want the "Dig" floppy disk icons I made for my collections then here is a link to all the ones I made and a template to make their own:!AmdfyQQplbfAgoEwG96no-Ou5Cqfvg

Submitted by Huntzman -

Download - 14.5MB

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  • Wow.

    This one I like very much.

    I like the style.

    For this theme,since you added icons for Systems,collections,favourites,and all games.

    I think you could also add icons for genres,played and options.

    Systems icons and backgrounds are excellent,

    Course I would need more.

    I have 3DO,mame,atari 7800,atari lynx,gameboy advance,neogeo,psp,32xdreamcast,gamegear,master system,and turbogrfx16.

    Add those and Ill be happy 😀

    Seriously though,aweosome theme.

  • Thank you! :)

    I will definitely be expanding this theme, I will start by adding in those icons mentioned by yourself

    I am glad you like it!

  • Hi, I really liked the theme !!! I use it, add pce, pce cd, psp, sega mega cd, dreamcast, saturn, arcade, neogeo, n64, you can also make a background for information about the game)).

  • Thanks! I've taken a note of them all and will get them made up over then next couple days :)

  • edited June 24

    This theme is fantastic. Thank you for the hard work.👍️

    It reminds me of car seat upholstery which is awesome.

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