Dig don't create a Screenshots folder.

Hello and thank's for this great work.

Recently installed dig in my GDX XD and all it's working very well, but there's something that not work at.

All the game covers are well but the program does not creat de folder called Screenshots in the GDX and I can't see the screenshots, i try to do this on my smart phone and works very well, i can see the screenshots very well, but in the GDX i can't see the screenshots, only the covers.

In the samrt phone i can see the Screenshots folder but in the Gdx this folder was not created.

Can you help me



  • Hmm. I can't think of why this would happen. Anyone else have this problem?

  • The only diferent thing i do in the GDX is to catch the rooms from the external sd, and Dig is installed in internal SD.

    In my smartphone all it's working very well, but here i've android 6.0.1 and in the GDX have 4.4.4.

  • Which storage option are you using - internal, external , or other folder?

  • Im using the default one, internal.

  • And one more thing.

    When I'm in rom selection, if I select the look covers/screenshot in both cases it only shows covers even if you have selected screenshots.

  • ¿It's possible that problem happens because I've installed android vesión 4.4.4?

  • Hello.

    Last days, in a forum I asket if anyone else had this problem, and all the owners of a GPD with Kit Kat 4.4.4 have the same problem.

    I try to create manually the Screenshots folder in storage/emulated/c/android/data/com.digdroid.alman.dig/files but nothing happends.

  • Hello.

    Today I've the oportunity to try two GPD X_D from friends and the same thing happens, the two consoles only creates the covers folder but not the screenshots one, all consoles have android 4.4.4 installed.

    I like a lot Dig, but this isue is the only thing left to make it perfect for me.

    I hope it can be fixed because the program is wonderful and for me the best frontend that exists in android. For me it has been very well spend money.

    Thanks. :)

  • Hello.

    ¿Any news about the problem of why dig doesn't create a screenshot folder?

    It's the only thing I nee to make dig perfect for me.

  • Could be that Google doesn't think your installation of 4.4.4 is valid. Covers have multiple sources, but currently screenshots are only available from my server. I only allow access to the server from verified installs of the app, and Google won't verify rooted or modified devices.

  • Ummmm, Ok, but I buyed this aplication and my device is not rooted.

  • It's mysterious. I'll add a check so that if a purchase was made it will be considered a valid install. I hope it will work.

  • I'll try to see how it goes.

    very grateful with your work, thank's.

    I hope it work's too. :)

  • In the latest beta I uploaded this morning restrictions on screenshots were removed. If I can't find a proper solution I'll leave it that way,

  • Hey man, that work's!!!!

    Today make the last update and now I can see the screenshots. :)

    Thank's a lot.

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