Retroman RetroNeon v1.1b (Updated 2019/6/23)

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Credits include RoyaltyFree Tube. Ruckage for original system icons. My good mate Ross for additional Ruckage style icons for Android, Wii, Gamecube, PS2 & Saturn. 

Thanks to digdroid.

Submitted by Retroman

Download - 10.3MB


  • Sorry.

    Screenshots added here:

  • This theme looks very good!!!

  • Did you try it? I added diff sounds for various sections.

    OK for my first effort I guess,

  • Thanks for the cool theme Retroman.

    It's exactly what i like in a theme.

    I'd like to please request icons for Game & Watch, Gameboy, GameCube, Virtual Boy, Wii and Saturn.

    I'd love to make them myself but i don't know how you made the icons. They seem complex which is great because it gives your theme it's own distinct feel.

  • The icons are just modified Ruckage ones.

    Yeah,sorry on not including that many icons in the theme. I should have modified them all and added but was just lazy lol

    SInce they are not originally made by me at all but are Ruckage developed I dont beleive there are any for Gamecube,Saturn or Wii.If they do actually exist and find them,let me know and Ill be happy to modify them also to match.

    But here are ones for gameboy,virtualboy and Game & Watch.

    btw: Glad you like the theme.

  • Update: The mate who made the android Ruckage copy icon kindly agreed to make a Wii,Gamecube and Saturn one for me.He's good in the graphic stuff.

    Once done Ill modify them to match the others in the retro-neon theme,

    Also,Ive done most of the other icons as well.

    Once done Ill re-bundle the theme with all the icons and submit it to the dev to update the original upload.

    So hold your'll have them soon.

  • That's awesome.

    I have been trying to make my own and got kind of close using "neon glow" or "glowing edges" effect on some icons using paint-shop pro but still couldn't do it.

  • Gonna also be adding a PS2 one.

    Just incase,

    I actually have a PS2 emu on my phone but runs all games i tried way slow.

    Perhaps would run a lot better better on a high end device,like Galaxy S9,S1 etc

  • Dev has now updated the theme download link.

    Wii,Gamecube,Saturn,PS2 and many many other system icons have been added,

  • It's great, thanks Retroman.

    One hiccup though and that's the Virtual Boy icon is named "virtualboy" instead of "vb" easily fixed on my end although others may not know how to fix.

  • easy to miss something isnt it lol

  • Download has been updated to include virtual boy system icon named correctly.

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