How do I fix incorrectly identified games?

If a file has been assigned to the wrong system it means the folder it belongs to has been misidentified. If the folder should be assigned to another system go to “SYSTEMS” from the main page. If you don’t see the correct system select “All systems” from the menu. Select the correct system the folder belongs to. In the menu select “Manage system” , then select “ROM paths...”, then add the folder. 

If the folder doesn’t belong to any system then delete the folder from the assigned system’s ROM paths. 

If a file is in the right system but identified as the wrong game, go to its game page, select “Manage game” in the menu, then select “Rematch file”. Dig will present a list of the closest matches in the database to choose from. If the correct game isn’t in the list try editing the title to something closer to the correct title and rematching again.


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