SephX2K4: Sci-Fi Theme (Updated 2019/8/9)

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  • Wow.

    Very nice this one. Only thing is its missing icons I need,

    3DO,Arcade and/or Mame,Atari 7800,Atari Lynx,Sega 32X, and Sega Game Gear.

    Otherwise very nice indeed.

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    Glad you like it.

    I plan on adding most if not all the rest of the icons soon.

  • This theme has been updated with all systems.

  • Cheers for the update.

    Only thing is when I swipe to next system often it would move two systems forward (or bacK) like a lag effect.

    Not sure why,at first I thought it was the transparent system icons being to small but its not that I dont think as the ones I used are 50x50 and yours are 60x42.

    Perhaps just an issue for me?

  • OK i see what you mean.

    I use DIG exclusively with controllers except when using options and such so i never even thought about its touch screen capabilities like swiping to navigate.

    Thanks for letting me know, I'll have to try and have a think about a solution.

  • If you read my JXD S7800 topic you know Im now using a Samsuing 8.4" Galaxy Tab S.

    ( I do also have Dig installed on my Mi Max 2 but the Tab S in the main device with all the systems I want on it)

    So I use Dig with that and ofcourse use the touchscreen for making themes and also while using Dig UI for navigating around.

    I only use the Telescopic controller if actually playing a game.

    Just incase you missed it,heres a pic 😎

  • Yeah i'm still trying to figure out a logical way to address the swiping issue without compromising the initial look of the theme.🤔

    I have a few ideas but i'll have to play around with them and see what the results are.

    I have been using DIG quite a lot on my Nvidia Shield TV and it works beautifully with the controls not to mention the HD themes look pretty too.

    BTW how's that tablet+controller combo working out for you? I thought about doing that especially so i could just rotate it for DS emulation.

  • Seems to work fine to me though to be honest I have used it all that much, Just tested to make sure it all works.

    I spend more getting Dig they way I want and experimenting with theme design lol

    I also wanna buy and try the ipega 9083 and see whats better.

    Oh yeah,for DS emulation that way you can also put the tablet in vertically between the controls.

    But being an 8.4" screen its not to bad just using it in landscape,besides,with Drastic you can also change window sizes.

    As for nvidia shield TV,Ive always been interested in those too.

    Ive seen the Saturn emu and Dolphin work very well on it too?

    For TV/monitor use Ive just been using a modded SNES classic with many systems on it.. (have PS classic too but for now actually still prefer the SNES classic cause front end is better I think)

    Missus has the Galaxy Tab S4. I had a quick test of it using a few emulators and even Wii games seem to work well. Tried PSP Tekken 6 at its max 5x res using ppsspp emu and it still ran great.

    Looks awesome on that tablet but honestly a 10.5" screen is a little to big I think for a handheld thats why I want to stick to around 8" max.

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