Zoidian-Horizontal (Updated 2019/8/10)

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This theme is based on the Recalbox theme Zoindian

Submitted by allemiko - leonik79@gmail.com

UPDATE 2019/6/26

  • Redone backgrounds.
  • Separate background for genres and collections.
  • Reworked backgrounds for systems.
  • Added 5 backgrounds for games
  • Background for options.

UPDATE 2019/6/19

  • Fixed a bug when installing the theme, the program crashed
  • Added new game systems
  • Added the track Space - Magic Fly.
  • Added a couple of Backgrounds.

UPDATE 2019/8/10

  • Added stub for systems.
  • Logos of consoles for US / EU regions updated.

Europe system logos - 35.5MB

North America: https://storage.googleapis.com/dig-themes-us/Zoidian-Horizontal%20EU.zip

Europe: https://storage.googleapis.com/dig-themes-eu/Zoidian-Horizontal%20EU.zip

Asia: https://storage.googleapis.com/dig-themes-asia/Zoidian-Horizontal%20EU.zip

US system logos - 36.3MB

North America: https://storage.googleapis.com/dig-themes-us/Zoidian-Horizontal%20US.zip

Europe: https://storage.googleapis.com/dig-themes-eu/Zoidian-Horizontal%20US.zip

Asia: https://storage.googleapis.com/dig-themes-asia/Zoidian-Horizontal%20US.zip


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