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  • Did you successfully manage to launch CD32 games from Dig using this method? For me, it scrapes the games based on the folder names and when you try to launch them it does open the emu…
  • Had some more time so I tried the (outdated) RetroArch (64) ScummVM core as well. Games launch fine from within RetroArch directly but when trying to launch them through Dig, I just get a black screen. Really hoping somebody can help! ?
  • I've been testing it some more. I uninstalled 2.2.1 and the first version I tried was 2.0.0 standalone. I didn't add any games in 2.0.0 itself. Launching a game from Dig with 2.0.0 installed, resulted in the ScummVM GUI starting but not the game its…
  • Yes, it is set to ScummVM standalone, not the RetroArch core. Thanks for your help, though. I take it you're on 2.2.1 and games launch fine from Dig?
  • Would love for this system to be supported as well. The intent parameters are identical to regular PUAE, we just need to be able to pass e.g. a .bin/.cue file instead of e.g. an .adf file, as far as I can tell.