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  • I also have this issue with redream... i know the replies in this post are now 1 or 2 years old but if possible could anyone confirm wich redream version has the fix.... and where to get older version if possible.... thanks for you help
  • thank you...its not "game breaking" Ill wait for the next update but thanks for looking into it
  • yep thats the section that when accessed just craches the whole dig application have to force shutdown and restart it to fix it
  • Hey Sephiroth, for the game page to display the system background, you must select the system background folder on each of the settings pages.... so where you set your system background folder for the system page.... set the same folder for the game…
  • I support Nagual2012 in his request, please add additional back cover option, i would also suggest an optional cartridge image option. I like the game manual suggestion a lot. possible additional option would be to add an Info button on the conso…
  • Please verify if your emulator is retroarch has an update broke the last version and retroarch cannot load games from sd cards.... waiting on an update from retroarch at this time. if retroarch is not your emulator for that specific device or folder…