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  • I heard the developer may be having health issues. Not sure. I recall a post where the developer said something about the effect of "got to deal real life." I hope he's well and returns to the project soon.
    in Update? Comment by Droidn April 2020
  • https://digdroid.com/forums/discussion/comment/1537#Comment_1537 Heck, I'll even take the hard way at this point. I'm sure someone here knows how it's done.
  • Thanks for the input. I know it can be changed since I have used themes that have it showing as a different color. I'm currently using the unified refried theme and in that theme the opacity was lowered making it hard to see. I'm actually just tryin…
  • I have sorted most of my issues here except for the cursor selection color. Can any of the awesome theme makers out there tell me what part of the cfg file changes the cursor color?
  • https://digdroid.com/forums/discussion/comment/1379#Comment_1379 I'd love to check out that theme you mentioned but I couldn't find you on Twitter. Care to drop a link?
  • I'd also like to know if there's a solution to this.
  • This looks awesome! Have a link to download?
  • thanks for sharing!
  • thank you! I had actually figured it out and was getting on here to update my progress. But I really appreciate your response. These forums are kinda slow. Now, about that cursor in the toolbar, I can't seem to even navigate to the toolbar using …
  • I was able to change the toolbar color by editing the theme .cfg file. It originally had a color value saved in there. I changed it to "default" so it will accept whatever is option is chosen in theme settings. I'm still looking for guidance on fix…
  • You're saying it's a defect and doesn't work for anyone? How are other theme makers getting it changed?
  • I appreciate your help! When I change the title bar text option under edit theme, it doesn't seem to do anything. I can change it from black to white, but no matter what theme I edit it doesn't actually change anything. If load up the default whit…
  • I'm also interested in this.
  • Thank you for the great theme ! Would you (or anyone) be kind enough to help me understand how to make 3 minor adjustments to this theme? I need to change the the text at the top of the screen to white because it is very hard to see as it is in bl…