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  • I have two gripes about using this theme. I cannot find a way to change the the top text and symbols color. This might also be a lack of options in DIG but the backgrounds are dark and the text is also black, so they don't show. The text on game in…
  • Figures. Works fine on my other phone. Maybe I'll try moving the files from that to other phone. The music, the video and the design is amazing. I like it a lot.
  • Can you add an option to change the color of the top text and the symbols? Currently you can only turn it on and off I think. I'm using Refried theme and top text is never visible due …
  • Thanks Chalotron.
  • Yep, it seems you bought it already.
  • Does this need the previous version installed? It doesn't load some system logos and crashes Dig if I try to open and browse inside systems.
  • I downloaded your theme. It looks great. It has all the icons and proportions fit correctly to my phone. I have a quick question. After installing a theme, can I delete files I don't need? For example some themes are too large and I want to delete s…
  • I ended up copying installed theme files from my other phone to Samsung and it worked.
  • Hello. Props for a beautiful theme. However, I cannot install it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I've installed other themes. It gives the error "Failed to install theme" while copying Systems System backgrounds (videos). The error happens when it's co…