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Featuring 37 system video backgrounds. 

Two versions are provided.

Low res 480P version so as to keep file size to a minimum.Choose the LowRes version for displays of up to 6" or the HighRes 1080P version if you want best quality but file size will ofcourse be very large.

Hi res 1080P version for absolute best video image quality is aimed at tablet size displays,monitors or TVs etc.

Credits must go to CriticalCid and emumovies.

Also thanks to Dig

Submitted by Retroman

High resolution - 965MB

Low resolution - 316MB


  • Screenshots about showing systems are actually videos,not picture stills.

    Yes,these are big,even the lower res 480P one but the reason is I have 37 background systems each as videos.

    System icons are transparent so just click the video background and it will seamlessly open your games collection while still playing the vid.

    Games will appear on top in straight linear fashion.Pretty cool I think.😎

    Now dont forget you can always and edit the theme if you want and remove system vids you dont personally need so as to save more space for yourself.

    I have also been toying with idea of re-encoding them to 720P as an inbetween res that should look good on small and large screens but also edit and shorten some of the longer videos so hopefully will also help making the final theme ZIP lower in size.

    If that sounds appealing let me know.

  • I downloaded the high resolution one and I love it.

    It has a very hyperspin feel which is really cool.

  • Thanks for the kind comment.

    I would have left some of the less popular ones out to make it smaller,like Game Watch,Virtual Boy Wii and Saturn as I dont think very many people would use emulators for those but then I knew you do from my retroneon theme so I thought: "Oh,better add them or Sephiroth will get crook at me lol"

  • I did notice them lol thanks for adding those.

    I actually finished my sci-fi theme with the systems you wanted but then i thought that while i was on a roll i ought to do every single one so DIG Developer has it now and will no doubt upload when they can as they are probably swamped with all sorts of DIG things.

  • I just get a black background. Does this theme only work with the beta

  • Looks like yes cause it uses videos as system backgrounds which I think only the beta supports at the moment.

  • Makes sense. Thanks

  • Very nice theme! Thanx!

  • Awesome theme, Thanks!

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