Dig in-app audio player?

This is probably a longshot, but is it possible to have greater access and control over the in-app audio player? As of now, it is mostly just a background function with no control over volume levels, and no way to view metadata. But can that functionity be added? What I would love to see is perhaps a new home screen menu icon which would lead to the audio player's interface with typical audio player functionality (play, pause, next track, previous track, volume up, volume down, etc...) and display of embedded metadata (song title, composer, artwork, etc...).



  • Sure, it's possible. I'll put it on my "to think about" list. I can't promise when or if I'll get to it.

  • Thanks. At the very least, please add volume control, or bring down the volume level inside Dig. The difference in volume between an audio file playing in Dig and the volume level inside nearly all of the emulators is quite large. Every time I play a game, I have to increase volume to hear it. Then, when I exit an emulator and go back to Dig, I have to drop the volume ASAP lest I blow my phone's speakers.

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