SephX2K4: 80's Grid (Updated 2019/6/19)

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Submitted by Greg Dickie -

UPDATED 2019/6/19 - smaller sized video

Download - 36.1MB


  • Not bad.

    Im actually messing around with a similar video background lol....trying my hand a simple theme.

    Just trying to get my icons the way I like them,taking time,

  • Thanks.

    Keeping it simple was the idea for this one.

  • One suggestion though.

    I dont think you really need a 1080P 3min video loop,not when the content is like this anyway.

    Think I made mine about 30 seconds and I dont think you see any start/stops in it.

    Also mine is 720P. Perhaps the qualiy of 720P should be plenty?

    All this helps in keeping the theme file size down.

    Thats just me anyway. Worth a test next time?

  • You know i think your right.

    I didn't realize the size until i uploaded the theme that my video was too large.

    I like the hi-res video on my phone but i think i might change the video size to maybe 360p or 480p.

  • I guess it depends on what phone and res you are using Dig on for best picture but I would think on a 1080P or 1140P display even 720P res vid should look pretty much as good.

    Or as you suggest,maybe even 480P is fine.

    Not only that but cutting the vid to maybe 1 min or so should be fine too.

    I did and seems OK to me.Worth a shot,

  • I have updated the theme with a smaller sized video.

  • Hi, I like this theme, but it has added a hell of a lot of extra file types to my systems now! For example, time crisis on ps1 now shows about 50 separate covers for the same game! Every track in the game has been added to the game list, after I had removed them before. In fact, it's added more than I had to previously remove I think. This is happening with all my CD based games, and is showing all merged sets in arcade. It's the first and only theme I've tried, Is this something that happens normally when you install a theme? Is there a way to rectify it, or do I have to go through the whole process of ignoring them all again? Thanks🙂

  • So youre talking about PSX roms.

    I have mine in PBP format so they are only 1 file,no bin etc or other files.

    They are way smaller too so will save you space.

    I know it may be more work depending on how many PSX roms you have but its defo worth it and shouldnt give you any issues like you have now.

  • This isn't an issue on this theme, is the new way DIG manage your game files. If you try another theme, will see that this behavior occurs on any theme. If I'm not wrong, merged sets are part of the premium features now. Am I right guys?

  • Thanks for the replys. It's not just psx it's PC engine cd, Sega Saturn, Sega CD and I even seem to have doubles of some cartridge based systems. It took me a while to filter all this out, so it's annoying that changing theme messes up all the work done. It's a shame, hope something can be done about it. I've tried to upgrade the app, but whenever I click upgrade it just doesn't do anything. I will keep trying!

  • Really liking this theme, but I don't seem to have the system menu available in systems and can't get to manage system option? A couple of things I'd like to see are names of games displayed and number of games per system. And I think the system icons could be a little more Arty rather than just white squares. They are not complaints though, love it anyway!

  • It sounds like merged games sets might be turned of, either the systems settings, the global setting, or both. Merged game sets is now a premium feature so you if you haven't upgraded it would have been turned off if the free trial period has expired. You could choose it as one of your free features.

  • I have chosen merged sets as a free choice, and it is on in global settings. I don't have the option to change it per system though funnily, I'm sure it was there before? I have tried numerous times to upgrade as I want to support the developer, but pressing the upgrade button just closes it and doesn't do anything?

  • Right, finally managed to upgrade, though had to do it on my shield tv, not my main dig device, a mi pad 4 that wouldn't upgrade. Merged sets, on or off, does nothing though on my mi pad 4. On my shield tv it's shows 4807 games with it off, and 2260 with it on, but i still have multiple counts of arcade and CD based games showing in systems. Weird.

  • The per system setting is View->Merged games in the system page menu. I'm looking into problems with upgrading.

  • Excellent, that fixed it thanks! I was looking under manage system lol

  • This is an awesome theme! Would you mind posting an alternate version with the higher quality video?

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