How do you change a games system when it is wrongly identified? (i.e. PS1 game identified as Saturn)

Have a bunch of misidentifications even though they're all in the right folders, e.g. Armored Core (.bin and .cue files) gets misidentified and put into a PS2 system, Marvel Vs Capcom on Dreamcast gets misidentified and put into the Sega Saturn system, etc.

I can't find any way to change this, I can hide the Sega Saturn system or the PS2 system but the games don't get moved to their proper systems, they just disappear along with the system.

Is there a "right" way to fix a game when it's been identified with the wrong system?


  • Hi, you can manually change this easily. Go into any System, click the 3 dots (top right) and click "Manage System" then "Rom Paths", there you can add/remove the files paths

    Been a while but If you ignore a System with roms associated with it then they are completely ignored aswell. So highly recommend to not do that.

  • Yeah I tried that, even creating a specific folder inside my PS1 folder for each game, it just doesn't recognise it.

    So to be clear as an example, Powerslave on PS1 gets misidendified as a Saturn game, it's in a file like this:


    I delete the rom path from the Saturn system page, and I add the Rom path specifically in the PS1 system. It just refuses to show the game on the PS1 page even after taking it off the Saturn page.

    Do you know what specific lookup tables dig is using for game organisation? I might need to fix it that way?

  • Okay, did you tell Dig to auto scan? I definitely wouldn't recommend that.

    If it is not showing up in the ps1 System then the file is the wrong format or it is still being ignored from another System.

    I personally would start from scratch and add your rom paths manually (it takes minutes)

    Also as a note, Dig struggles with too many sub directories.

    As for the lookup table, I believe Dig uses a database for known games for each System.

  • I mean they're bin and cue files, problem is that there are saturn games and ps1 games that have the same name, and both systems have files stored as bin and cue files so i guess the problem is how do you differentiate in that situation?

    ah so it's not public knowledge what the database is... I was hoping it was thegamesdb or something similar so i could just label the problem games exactly and fix it that way

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    Okay, Dig does use the for its database but your issue is related to a System not showing a rom, even if its an identical file format.

    What I'm trying to explain is that all System's can recognise any file format that it has been set by default for that System (zips, bin files etc).

    So, in theory I could point my Saturn System to all my psx games and they would show up but obviously will not run & vise versa.

    An example, Sega Cd & Amiga CD32:

    In the Sega Mega Cd System I added the file path to Cannon Fodder Amiga CD32 & added artwork manually, of course it will never run.

  • If thats not the issue as explained & its a an issue regarding the System not recognising a rom in its database then click that game then 3 dots (top right) > "Manage game" > "Rematch file"

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