Using a retroarch core as the emulator for any system does not work and more

edited July 2022 in Bug reports

ok so i wanted to use dig to turn my samsung s7 tablet into a mini little emulator that can play all my games. i downloaded all the emulators needed for the systems i want to emulate but ran into some issues. 1: using a retroarch core (such as retroarch-melonds and retroarch-flycast) as my emulator will not work. i press the play button on the game im using that core for and nothing happens. when something does happen, retroarch is on a frozen black screen and stops working. the only working systems ive had using dig are 3ds, and n64 because by some miracle they work with the standalone apps. when i try to use certain standalone apps like my boy! lite for gba and dolphin for gcn and wii, they wont play because they are "invalid gba files" or "invalid isos". however,when i launch both apps seperately,the games launch because that error doesnt come up. also,most of the cores you can choose as emulators arent on normal retroarch,only on retroarch plus. im on android 12


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