Not Matching Certain PSP Games and Rematching Also Fails

I have several PSP games that Dig just refuses to match; despite the Games being listed in TheGamesDB.

I tried renaming the files every which way I can think of, but they won't match. Using Manage Game->Rematch file brings up a list of games, but none match the one I am trying to get.

One example is the The Terminator, which can be seen on TGDB at

I've tried the following versions of the filename and none work:

  • The Terminator (Mini).iso
  • The Terminator.iso
  • Terminator, The.iso
  • Terminator.iso
  • The Terminator (USA)(PSN).iso

Another example is Zenonia (

That title just has one word and its not even a common word.

Trying to Rematch Zenonia.iso just gives me options like:

  • Eragon
  • Zendoku
  • Zero Pilot
  • Pipe mania
  • etc....

So its clear that it is searching something to get this, but it can't even match the exact name of it???

Any help would be appreciated.


  • There are several instances I've found that are also problematic when a game had different titles in different regions and various player count versions as well. I just enter every piece of information manually.

  • Entering things in manually kinda defeats the purpose of matching them up to begin with.

    I don't want to have to copy and paste game information for every game.

  • The problem is that the database DIG scrubs from usually has several different entries for the same game and exact matches aren't guaranteed. For instance, if I have only added the 4 player version of a game that also had a 2 player cabinet (I think it's pointless to have the 2 player version of the ROM if you can play 2 players on the 4 player version) but the description of that version on the database just says "4 player cabinet version of US release" instead of the detailed synopsis of the game that appears in the info for the 2 player cabinet, I enter the information myself. I'm not just dumping hundreds of ROMs at one time. I'm curating my collection as I go.

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