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Hi all! I'm new to DIG and I'm putting a cabinet together for my son, so I'm customizing DIG to be as streamlined as possible. Right now I'm using the Chalotronic 2.0 theme (which is great BTW) but I want to change the font (or icon) for the text that the genres appear as. In this case the Genre is "Fighting". I long pressed on "Fighting" and chose 'Change icon" and chose a png that I had made, but that didn't change the icon.

So, my questions are...1) Are the genre names just a default system font, and if so, can I change the font/color?

2) If they ARE icons, what dimensions should they be and where should they be stored?


  • Hi there, glad you like the theme. You're on the right track with the long hold and change icon but I set this theme up for the genres section to be viewed as "just titles" which doesn't show any images. If while in the genres section you hit the the dots, hit view as and select any of the other orientations then your images will show up. Image size doesn't matter.

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  • Big thanks chalotron for your replies. I jumped into Dig a bit late? Anyway, around the time you responded to my email, I figured it out. I'm going to retire this GalaxyS8+ as the guts to a tabletop cabinet build for my son for Christmas, but creating my own .png images for genres, collections, etc. will pay off for me later when I get around to doing my final build for myself (including all the MKs and stuff my child isn't ready for yet.)

  • No problem, I'd have responded earlier but I think your post got lost in the sea of Viagra posts that had taken hold. I've got a couple of packs of icons for both game collections and genres I could share of you'd like.

  • Thanks for the offer! I'm working on my own, but your theme was VERY similar to what I had in mind, but since then I've sort of deviated away from it as get a better understanding of how my brain wants things organized or to look. I've been working on my own png files for genres and playlists. Here are a couple of examples...

  • Looking good, they would definitely fit with the Chalotronic theme much better than the silver ringed ones I've currently got. I think it would be good if there was a dedicated section in this forum where things like icon packs could be shared seperately to the themes so that people could more easily mix and match the bits they like.

  • Silver ringed icons? Sounds familiar. I'm considering doing some genres myself but I'd need to think what genres I'd do. Would be nice in the future if we can "lock" genres but we'll see what happens with development eh?

  • I actually prefer to be able to customize my genres as I find myself disagreeing with some of the online databases frequently or just have my own. While we're on the subject of genres I'm still kind of trying to decide which (if any) titles are exemplary of their specific genre. As above, I emulated FFVII's title for "Turn-Based RPG" which I'm using because "Console-Style RPG" was a little too ambiguous for me. I emulated FF Tactics' title for "Tactical RPG" which was added solely because it's my favorite genre of console games. Games that fit the criteria but have visually interesting titles are what I'm trying to think of. Any recommendations are welcome. Should I make a separate post somewhere else?

  • My personal fave that I don't hear talked about often is Vandal Hearts on PS1, also love Shining Force 2 on megadrive and Valkyria Chronicles on PSP.

  • I love the soundtrack to Vandal Hearts! The first game I played on The Sega CD when I got it working was Shining Force CD. I haven't even started with PS1 yet. I still have a box of discs for it back at my dad's house across the country.

    As far as genres go, Mario for platform, TMNT for beat-'Em-Up (could easily be X-men or Streets of Rage), Street Fighter for Fighting ( I also made one like MK1), and a generic college sports style logo for Sports. I wanted to do Tetris for puzzle, but I was too lazy so I did this instead.

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