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This theme is based on a RetroPie theme with same name, made by FRGN.

Submitted by DanielCarlosJobs -

Download (5.6MB)


  • I have Dig on my Nvidia Shield Pro TV but have no idea how to download these themes and add theme to the app. Please help.

  • Download the theme(s) you want. Create a folder in your Dig/Games storage folder called "Themes". Put the themes you downloaded in that folder so they are easy to find. Then go into your Dig app, go to 'Options", go to 'Themes', go to 'Install theme', and then select the theme you want from that "Themes" folder you created earlier. After that, inside the "Themes" menu you will find a 'Select theme' drop-down menu where you will find the theme you just installed. Click on it and you are finished. You should now be looking at your preferred theme.

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