Not detecting ROMS, not saving RetroArch config

SO. I just received an Anbernic RG552 as a birthday gift, was super excited. It's been kind of a nightmare. I have wasted an entire week trying to configure this thing.

All I want is to use Dig as my front end and Retroarch as the backend.

I updated my device to the newest firmware provided by the manufacturer. I sideloaded Dig, installed it, had to manually configure some things but it was finally looking good. Went to play won't read the Retroarch config file. It says the directory isn't set. Even when I create a new config file INSIDE Dig, it still doesn't pull it up when I boot a rom. The option to Reset RetroArch config...just doesn't exist.

So, I go back, download an older version of Dig (1.39), and hey, the option to Reset Retroarch config IS there now...except now Dig won't recognize ANY of my roms. At all.

Part of me wants to say, screw it, and not use Retroarch, but I feel like I kind of NEED to with Dig since that's what it's configurated for, and I may not have access to some emulators I need otherwise.

Anyone have any advice?

I'm just baffled as to why Dig needs to create its own separate instance of Retroarch instead of just using the one that already exists. The really weird part to me is that when I try to run a manual scan of my device/sd to look for the Retroarch config files that Dig is using...they just don't show up anywhere at all, even though I can tell they ARE being saved somewhere.

Any advice? I just want to use a nice frontend to run my roms. If I just need to reinstall the more recent version that DID detect my roms, bite the bullet and manually configure each emulator separately, I'm willing to do that, but is that possible without Retroarch?

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