Is there a way to manually add a game?

I just added a .PBP file containing PS1 Bloody Roar game and Dig will not detect it and add to the list. Is there a way to force it to do so?


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    Hi guy! How are you? I didn't recognize this file extension, so, I've done some search on Google, and discovered that it's a PSP file format that contains a PSX game. To play this game you'll need to extract the file with a dedicated tool, or download an ISO file of the game. Take a look at this post, it's the same problem, but the emulator is ePSXe:

  • Hey all

    Actually you shouldnt have to extract it or use img file. All my PS1 games are in PBP format (smaller file size,thats the main benefit) and both ePSXe and FPSe android emulators play them just fine.Also Dig picks them up too and shows all my PBP format PS1 games.

    So not sure what the prob is with dr_bunsen.

    Perhaps he can locate the folder which contains the Bloody Roar game and scan again?

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    Thanks for the comments. Most of my games are in .pbp format as they are much more compact than the original iso. I haven't had a problem until now. I just put another .pbp on, this time of Airgrave and it didn't pick that up either. Both games play just fine in ePSXe and RetroArch.

  • Hmm. Interesting. I took @Retroman advice and looked at the scan folders. Both Airgrave and Bloody Roar were previously .cue/multiple .bin files in a folder each of their own. I just started converting these games with many .bin files to single .pbp files, Bloody Roar and Airgrave being the first two. Turns out that if the original separate folders for the game are still in the scan list DIG will not pick up the new .pbp copy. As soon as I deleted the scan folders for Bloody Roar and Airgrave, both .pbp versions showed up in the list.

  • Awesome. Nice to hear you got that sorted.

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    This is the beauty of emulation forums: we aways learn something!!! I didn't know this until now!!! Thanks guys, and sorry for any wrong information 😅

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