almost done with dig!


i am almost donbe with the dig front end.

Today i add a system n64 and all my covers where gone of all the systems.

So i reset my android tv installed everything again and add 1 system in it.

But now he wont show up the covers, only the screenshots.How is that possible the folder structure is media/Covers/(gamename.png)

ant it wont showe up.


  • I have same problem!

  • Got my covers to reappear. If you use your own covers, you have to turn on the option in the app to download covers, then you will see the little wrench icon and it will scan all your covers (you can click on it to check the status). When it’s done scanning and the wrench goes away, your covers should show again.

  • Once I started converting my images to 24bit, all my cover art problems went away - like when it would get stuck scanning images.

    I use IfranView with these settings.

  • oke, thats maybe an option.

    But why did you set it up to 24bit in the first place?

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