RetroArch config.cfg is not imported / RedDream and Duckstation also does not open Roms.

Hello, I'm having problems running Dig on my PowKiddy X18S, when I open RetroArch through DIG it says that Config.cfg cannot be found, checking here I noticed that DIG does not have access to the RetroArch folder inside /android /data/com.retroarch/files.

What can I do to fix this problem?

I've already given all the permissions that DIG needs to run with RetroArch.

RedDream and DuckStation don't open the Rom automatically, maybe it's the same permission issue.



  • I'm having this same issue on my Anbernic, and I can't figure out why. Apparently, there is meant to be a setting under Options > App to 'Reset Retroarch Config''s not there? And I tried an older version of Dig, which DOES have the option (except on THAT version, none of my ROMs are getting scanned).

    When I looked at the app permissions, I did notice on the newer version, Dig has access to "media" and on the older version, it has access to "all files." Not sure if that's an issue but I don't know how you could change it.

    I'm assuming something with the newest version of Android has caused a lot of permission related issues. On an older version of the app, it maybe doesn't have permission to scan for roms properly, and on a newer version of the app, it doesn't have permission to pull up and overwrite config files?

    Wish I had a solution as this has been driving me crazy - I've had this device for a week now and haven't been able to just sit and enjoy it because it's not configured to work right.

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    I have the same no config file message on my s21 ultra i also cant save current config if i launch from dig .... I've tried everything I can think of placing dig folder in different places tried retroarch 32bit 64 bit and the app from their site I'm stumped

  • Ok so I just downloaded the apk from apkpure and IT WORKS!!!!!!!

    Don't even have to set file locations just freaking works

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