Default Box Art Not Showing

I just selected a folder with default box art, one example is gb.png. This doesn't show up in gameboy as the default box art. I assumed I was doing something wrong but I have been able to successfully use the options in themes otherwise perfectly fine to modify toolbar, background, etc.


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    I have same issue on my RP2+, game cover on all cloned consoles were not displayed properly, but fine on all original consoles.

  • I have the same issue on the cloned system. I fixed it though. So if you have a system called clone system 2, put the artwork in a folder called clone system 2 and it should work.

  • Yes your correct that does help in the new update but with Dig notoriously having very bad boxart scraping and does not currently create these "clone" folders then all downloaded boxarts automatically or manually are saved in the old system cover folders.

    I have about 30 cloned systems overall, imagine having all these clones and all boxart is saved inside the old folders (some with 20k+ images each)... Kinda impossible to sort manually.

    Tbh, the new file structure is perfect going forward but am fairly sure this is no way an official update to Dig.

  • Updated to latest version but game box art on all cloned systems are still not appear, but they appear once you select the game. I use RP2+ android is latest version.

  • Meu Sansumg Galaxy A71 não consegue importar nenhuma mídia de Box nem de Screenshot

  • I had this issue and the problem was that Dig was stuck reading some of my covers/screenshots. My default box art was no showing, or at least showing for a fraction of my games.

    The wrench in the upper-right corner was showing and it told me it was scanning some 4,000+ screenshots and never going down.

    What I did was use IfranViewer to convert ALL of my artwork to 24bit, 1024 width, PNG images. Then I re-added them and it scanned all of the artwork with no problems.

    This had a nice side effects of my default box covers finally started showing.

    I think the problem is that while it is scanning, unless it has actually scanned that particular game, it won't show the default box art. My fix allowed it to get through all the games thereby seeing that any particular game doesn't have a cover and thus assigning it the default cover.

    Hope this makes sense!

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    Hi, while your using IfranView what are the specific settings under "Options" & "Advance" in the batch conversion page and also what is the output size (kb's) of your images?

  • Hey sorry, just saw this reply.

    I use Skraper for my artwork. It gets about 99% of even the most obscure games. Usually the images are "normal" size but once in a while they'll be about 3 or 4 MB (which is huge when you're dealing with thousands of images).

    That said, using these IfranView settings does reduce the size quite a bit. I'd say by a good 30% at least. However, it still doesn't make them that small. For instance, I have about 90,000 images and it takes up around 13 GB.

    Changing the compression strength of PNG from 6 (default) to 9 (max) saves me about 2 GB and the images look identical. But it does drastically increase the time it takes to convert. I don't know if Dig loads these images any slower. I'm guessing not.

    Lastly, I did try converting to JPG and while it reduces the size down to about 3 GB, Dig doesn't load JPG. Also the image quality did have a lot of artifacting but I'm sure nothing you'd notice in any game launcher. I only noticed when zooming in. Either way, you can use JPG.

    Oh and a side note, I just found that having the images on a MicroSD vs. Android internal storage definitely makes a difference. Internal, the box art loads nearly instantly. MicroSD, the box art loads noticeably slower and it was so much of a difference I just moved everything to internal. This is using a Samsung Evo Select 256.

    Hope this helps!

    Note: These settings will reduce any image down to 1024 on either side but still preserve aspect ratio. Anything lower than 1024 on either side, it will not resize. In other words, it doesn't create a 1024x1024 square. It's just saying if EITHER side is 1024, reduce it.

  • The issue for not showing boxart is not related to the images.

  • It's 100% they way Dig scans & scrapes for the artwork.

    I've got well over 100 Systems and 300,00 games on my Sd card and the Dig wrench would hang at 6 covers for example (this scraping took a few weeks & still not complete) to check etc and even then most Systems artwork was missing even the Default Artwork you can assign manually for each System.

    To fix this is easy:

    Do not let Dig scan or search for roms automatically!

    I removed all file paths from all my Systems (essentially starting from scratch but my emulator settings were intact)

    Then I added back the file paths to one System at a time but waited until all Scraping for that System was complete (Wrench dissappearing). Any artwork not found then displayed my Default missing artwork image. Then onto the next System. It worked perfectly.

    To put this into perspective, I previously been trying to resolve this issue for nearly a year & if you add too many Systems at a time Dig's wrench always hangs near the end of the scraping.

    Anyways, all my artwork is displayed now.

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