Have Front and Back Cover Image

Im ver Happy With Dig

Old Games are só Beautifull i Love tô have

But only have front cover,, it Will be awesome to have Back cover too ! I remember when you buy/choose a game looking the 2 box imagens

Also i Want tô ask tô have an option tô open the Game Manual.pdf of one game, can be an a New menu option and The user could add manually The manual.pdf for each game and open it from storeage

Dig is só awesome , with this two features would be só perfect !


  • I support Nagual2012 in his request,

    please add additional back cover option,

    i would also suggest an optional cartridge image option.

    I like the game manual suggestion a lot.

    possible additional option would be to add an Info button on the console screen that would contain information about the console itself. (*ie same as game info but for console)

    Thank you for your amazing work, Dig is by far the easiest frontend i had the pleasure to use!

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