Is there a way to simply remove an entire system?

I've had these issues where I feel like there's some kind of database Dig stores somewhere that I can't find where it keeps the game info, including image association.

For instance, I cloned NES, went into the cloned system, pointed it to my Famicon Disk System path, and it autodownloaded some images.

Well I wanted to use my own images so I go to covers and tried import, reset, refresh. But all it does is update some of the missing images but continues to use the saved images (which are actually NES images).

I want to completely wipe out any association with this system and start over, but if I try removing the clone, then re-adding it, all those images still show up.

I just want to wipe out all links to these images and any association with the FDS and start over.

Does anyone know if there's a way?


  • Well I see what the issue was actually.

    Even though I pointed to a different ROM path and imported from a specific covers path, it puts all that art in the NES folder.

    So I guess it just sees it as whatever system you cloned no matter what and there isn't a way to add your own, custom systems unfortunately.

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