Can you use video snap files?

Looking through the forum here and it’s unclear to me if you can use video files for a preview of the game (after you selected the game.) I’ve got a bunch of .mp4 gameplay videos on my RetroPie and was wondering if I could use those in DIG. Is it possible?


  • Currently only if they are in .gif format. There is a video preview capability but it requires an internet connection as it streams snap files off of YouTube.

  • DjFDjF
    edited February 8

    Are there instructions you can point me to see where to copy the gif files?

    Also, is there a repository of gif format video snaps somewhere? Or I guess I could convert the mp4 videos I have on my RetroPie.

    Thanks for the info.

  • I found a post with the answer about video files/animated gifs - “The only other current alternative is to swap the files in the screenshots folder for equivalently named .GIFs.”

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