couldn't save cover image file

Hello together

First of all MANY THANKS for this great APP

Have already seen some pictures and videos online but unfortunately I am still a bit away from it

Surely there is already somewhere this problem but with the search function come VERY many pages and I do not find it.

I hope so it is ok if I open a new topic.

Now to my problem.

I have a Nvidia Shield and with a USB stick are all games on it. With the scan finder DIG also all games.

But unfortunately I get no covers because the message could not save cover image file - storage full comes. But I still have 51GB free on the USB stick.

I also went into the Options and under Game Covers I changed the Storage location to the external USB and then to Refresh images. Unfortunately without success.

What am I doing wrong?

Currently I have about 2040 games.

I am looking forward to the answer and I hope someone can help me.

Best regards from Switzerland


PS: Sorry for the English, it was translated ;-)

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