Efficient way to navigate hundreds of games?

Currently I have to scroll one by one using the joystick.

It takes a long time to reach games beginning with S, for instance.

Is there any better way to navigate the list?

I would imagine two buttons for page down and up, which would jump over several games instead of only one with current up and down buttons.

Another alternative would be to hold a button and a sorted list with letter would pop-up and we could select wich letter we would like to go to.


  • When using my joypad it automatically defaults to have the shoulder buttons to jump by letter through the lists.

  • Theirs a search function on top..

  • The best ways I can suggest are:

    • Bind jumping to the next/previous letter to buttons on your controller.
    • Set the view to grid view and resize the icons where you have a few columns and rows. Also I suggest icon ratio set to 2:3 so they have some space between them.
    • Don't forget about the search function. I use the voice search a lot.
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