NAS Storage Access on Nvidia Shield

I have a share from my NAS mounted on my Nvidia Shield under /storage/NAS. I have my ROM paths all pointing to subfolders under here as that's where my games are located. Since my Shield was updated to Android 11, I can no longer browse this location through Dig. The games and systems I already have setup still work, so it looks like it can access the path, but if I try to scan for more games on that path, it's not visible when selecting 'start manual scan' then 'select folder to scan' Please help!


  • Hi,

    10 months after this message (and mine, which was privately sent to Dig developper because of spam), the problem is still present and accessing mounted network shares on Shield is impossible.

    With the new folder selection interface (due to Android 11 security enforcement), the mounting points on Shield look like /storage/<long hash chain>/mypath where they should look like /storage/<hostname>/mypath. When Dig sends the rom path to RetroArch, it does not work.

    Retroarch has some issues accessing those shares too, but once you force the path in the config file as default landing for browser, it works perfectly, so it is not an access issue, just a way to display it while browsing. I guess it might be the same with Dig...

    I will try reverting to 1.39, as suggested by some people in this thread,

    Hope it works, and also hope that the developper will have time to fix this in Dig. Too bad to have to revert by sideloading, Dig is such an amazing piece of work, I built my entire emulation collection around its features and easiness of use.

  • Ok, I tried to revert to 1.39 today.

    It did not solve the folder selection problem for network shares mounted in Shield, which seems to be linked to how Android11 handles it at a lower level as it displayed exactly like in 1.42 => no benefit in rolling back.

    I also lost all my database, configuration, favorites, etc. in the process, and the restore backup function did not work properly (yes, on top of inapp backup option, I did save my application folder and /dig folder too).

    Countless hours of sorting, tweaking and testing went away in the process. After being stuck unable to use my emulation collection for months now, this is the last nail in the coffin. I'm sorry, Dig has wonderful features that I love, that is why I bought it, but it lacks reliability to be the main way of accessing and playing my retro games.

    I think I will now stick to the regular retroarch browser, even if it looks very crude and lacks features.

    Farewell Dig community, wish you the best.

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